Bit of a bust


Coming back from a vacation like ours, full of delicious fresh produce from my uncle’s garden, which you can see in this photo, I had great expectations for making new, tasty, fresh food myself! And then we got here. And we were exhausted. We’ve eaten a lot of classic American food ever since–cheese steaks, Mexican take-out, Chinese lunch plates. I did make Amitriciana the other night, and it was pretty good. And I swear, I’ll start cooking properly this week. More olive oil! Less deep frying! I promised myself that after I turned in my dissertation I’d work on losing weight. So here we are.

Last night, after the lunch at the Chinese place with my folks, we were hungry but not starved, and there was nothing good in the fridge–all our meat was frozen, our basil plant had a bit of a time while we were away. So I just threw some hot dogs on the grill that we’d left for our friend who was watching the cat, and decided that the least I could to was make a good side dish. I decided on corn fritters. I even beat the egg white by hand until it was, um, well, not quite stiff but exceedingly fluffy. I put some in the pan, flipped, lovely. I put another batch (the only other batch, I might add), ran out to the grill, ran back in…..and they were blackened hockey pucks. I should’ve asked for a hand, but evidently I thought the trip abroad had turned me into Wonder Woman. It has not.

On that note, then, dinner tonight turns a new page. Fresh! Tasty! Olive oil!

Oh, and get a load of this “fortune” we got in a cookie: “Here we go. Low fat whole wheat, green tea.” I have no idea what that means.


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