Sometimes silicone is a good thing


Silicone can be very scary. It’s a little…unnatural…in places. But in other places, like your kitchen, it’s extremely useful. This here is my pal, the silicone pastry brush. I have long used pastry brushes for egg washes, milk washes, spreading warmed jam on puff pastry, you name it, and the bristley ones were always a real struggle to clean. God forbid you used it with oil, you might as well just forget about it. You couldn’t hand wash it and get it thoroughly clean and the dishwasher trashed it by the third go-around. That’s why the silicone brush is extremely handy. Nothing sticks to it, you can handwash it clean, and it survives the dishwasher just fine. Hooray! Now I can spread barbecue sauce in peace. They’re available in most cooking stores; I believe Mr. Pea bought this at Sur La Table. He spoils me.


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