Hmm, I have a birthday coming up…

I can’t take credit for finding these things myself, or photographing them, or having actually ever seen them in person, but they’re quickly rising to the top of my must-have list. I may forward them to Mr. Pea for his next baking endeavor. Several years ago, in jest, I told him I wanted a Sponge Bob cake. Lo, he went to a friend’s house and baked and decorated a Sponge Bob cake for me. I was honored and impressed.

I think this year–as I’m nearing right to the edge of 30–I want the giant cupcake:
enormous cupcake--Sur La Table photo

Look at it! Holy cow! It’s made with two pans and then you must just frost the hell out of them to get them together. Wow! I don’t even know what to say, I’m so astonished by it. I would like me a giant cupcake. I saw this over on Not Martha, and you can buy it at Sur La Table. It’s made by Wilton.

Not to be outdone, I love this octopus cake:
octopus--Williams Sonoma Photo

I can’t even imagine how long that sucker took to decorate. It seems less useful than a giant cupcake pan might be, but it’s pretty spiffy. I first saw it at Baking Bites, and you can get it at Williams Sonoma.

Imagine….giant yellow cupcake…giant carrot cupcake….giant devil’s food cupcake….with raspberry in the middle….


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