Heat wave!

Tossed Salad

New England is experiencing its first string of really hot weather this week; it was in the mid-nineties yesterday, supposed to reach that today, as well, and it’s quite humid. I can’t complain, as June has been just gorgeous, and tomorrow it’ll be only 85 or so before dropping into the upper 70s for the weekend. But I also can’t cook in this kind of weather, so a salad was in order. It’s a pretty plain-jane salad: it has romaine lettuce, a chopped plum tomato, half a chopped cucumber, some cheddar, and a little shredded smoked turkey. I ate it with a piece of Italian bread that I’d made and frozen a few weeks ago. Instead of using the vinaigrette I have in the fridge to dress it, I made a sort of French/catalina dressing. I wasn’t sure about it, but it was actually far better on the salad than when I’d tested it while making it. I think it’s something I’m going to have to tweak to get just right.

For it, you’ll need:
Just under 3 T ketchup
1-2 T sugar, to taste
2-3 T red wine vinegar, to taste
salt and pepper
1/2 t worcestershire sauce
1/2 t paprika
2 T oil

I used olive oil, but it almost gave it too much flavor–a neutral oil like canola might work better. But it’s at least a new and interesting dressing, one that’s creamy and a bit thick without gobs of mayo. It works for me!


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