Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

I bet you’ll never guess what kind of cake this is. I bet you’re scratching your head right now, wondering, golly, what kind of cake might this be? Surprise!–it’s a carrot cake. Shocking, I’m sure.

We’re throwing a surprise party for my mother on Sunday (by the time this posts, it’ll be over) and one of my jobs assigned by my li’l brother was to make a dessert. I offered to make the birthday cake, rather than some kind of crisp or fruit salad or whatever. My brother agreed.

While I can bake a cake just fine, decorating them is, shall we say, not something I’m good at. Kind of like reaching the top shelf in the grocery store, there are some things I should probably leave to other people. Instead of knocking macaroni on my head, I should ask a tall person for help. And maybe I should have let my brother get a cake at the grocery store. Because looking at it, you’d never know it was a birthday cake. It’s a cake in honor of carrots.

I made some cream cheese icing to go on the cake. I say icing because I added a little too much milk, so the consistency wasn’t terrifically firm; I had also added about as much powdered sugar already as one can and still remotely taste the block of cheese I’d toss in first. Thickening it with more sugar wasn’t much of an option. So I plowed ahead. At the grocery store this morning I bought a set of decorating tips that were all a little bit wide, so writing was pretty much out of the picture. So I made carrots. They’re fine looking carrots, and maybe someone will mistake them for birthday balloons. I’ll just put so many candles on it no one will be able to tell the difference.

The cake recipe, by the way, is a light one, with minimal oil and egg whites making up a good deal of the moisture. You can find the recipe here. I use just plain all-purpose flour for the whole thing, and substituted milk curdled with a little vinegar for the buttermilk. I’ve made it several times and it really is a very tasty cake. We’ll see how the party likes it!


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