Kitchen Helper Extraordinaire

Food Processor
I realized the other day that it had been some time since I’d done a gadget review. Well, meet my second third favorite kitchen helper, after the mixer and the dishwasher. This is my sweet Cuisinart food processor. While I don’t use it every day and it uses an obscene amount of dishwasher space, it is a very handy tool to have. I had a little processor for some years, that was useful but not terribly strong, and which took eons to make a batch of pesto. This guy, on the other hand, whizzes through even the hardest ingredients. I used it this morning to shred carrots using the disk blade, and then tossed in the regular blade to make them a finer mince. It saved me probably 20 minutes of grating carrots and knuckles against my box grater. I use it to make pizza dough and pie crust in no time flat. So long, pastry blender. My heart is taken by my shiny friend.


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