Guilty Pleasures


I have to confess. I love Hell’s Kitchen. I love a lot of cooking shows in general, but Hell’s Kitchen is one of my favorites. It’s one of the few summer shows I can stomach (for example, last night ABC started “Age of Love,” where some 30-year-old guy has to pick a lover from between a group of “kittens” who are in their 20s, and a group of “cougars” who are in their 40s. Way to demand respect, ladies), and it cracks me up endlessly. Gordon Ramsey is a loudmouth, but he’s also usually right, and I like watching the egos deflate around him. Some of the guys on this season really have it coming, and my least favorite of the girls left last night. The other women are rather nasty, as well, picking on one, Julia, because she’s a short-order cook and not from some posh fine dining restaurant. I think their real problem with her is that she’s vastly more organized and a superior cook. So there.

I also enjoy (or, enjoyed, since it just ended) Celebrity Fit Club. It’s on VH1, and for some reason, I find it entertaining. Cooking shows and workout shows–both ends of the spectrum, I guess.

It's his flyer, I guess.

Tuesday being helpful

Anyway, enough rambling–I’ll leave you with this. It’s our cat, Tuesday, “helping” with the grocery list.


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