Last night was tapas night! Though for little dishes they certainly took a long time to make, they were really worthwhile. What you see here is our pitcher of sangria. Please take no notice of the holiday theme; it’s the only pitcher I have! There are lots and lots of recipes for sangria out there in the world, and my friend Jason and I made one that was kind of a mishmash of a bunch. Most recipes call for brandy, which we didn’t have and weren’t about to buy (we only needed 1/4 c or less, and would never use it again, so…). So instead we poured one 750 ml bottle of zinfandel into the pitcher, added 2 c of club soda, 2 glugs of triple sec, and wedges of one orange and one lemon. We let that chill in the fridge for a few hours and it was delicious! The fruit turned an interesting purple color, too.

Empanadas and Croquettes

You’ll have to pardon the dark photo of some of the tapas–our dining room has a great lighting fixture that sheds very little light, and I hate using the flash on the camera. What we have here are potato croquettes on the left and empanadas filled with spinach, ham, and roasted red pepper on the right. The dough, while a bit of a pain to make, did in fact bake up nice and flaky, so there you go–it is possible for even a novice at puff pastry to make it. If she has, say, two or three spare hours, mostly to wait for the dough to cool. We also had tiny meatballs in a spicy tomato sauce and mushrooms with garlic and parsley, as well as some bread. Yum.

The cookbook we used had some very vague directions–when mixing the croquettes, it tells you to get it “to the right consistency,” but never says what that consistency might be. Despite that, the tapas were very tasty. My favorite tapas was the albondingas (meatballs). I’m in the office today, but later on I’ll post the recipes for them and the sauce.


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