Pardon me while I digress…

There hasn’t been a good deal of cooking this week, has there? On Tuesday I actually made a tasty dinner of pork tenderloin, fried plantains, and grilled asparagus, but alas, didn’t photograph it. I even made cocktails. The other night I made a pasta dinner for us and some friends. But that’s about it this week. We’ve been very busy around here; I’ve had orders to fill, and I finally submitted the last piece of my dissertation in rough draft form. That only means, though, that the heavy-duty editing is beginning. I have one chapter that’s particularly rough; I spent all afternoon yesterday, and a while the day before, rewriting the same paragraphs over and over. Blech. Maybe some more of those cocktails are in order!

For this variation of a Mai Tai, mix gently together in a pitcher:

3/4c orange juice

3/4 c pineapple juice

1/2 c light rum

1/4 c triple sec

1/4 c dark rum

You can also add a bit of lime and some grenadine, if you’ve got it. Very tasty and refreshing, this recipe makes four cocktails.


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