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This is my favorite coffee. I am a serious coffee drinker–I am not keen on mornings or afternoons without my cup of joe–and have spent a fair amount of time finding the right coffee for everyday use. A couple of years ago I settled on Cafe Pajaro from Trader Joe’s. It’s good and strong but not too strong and has really low acidity, unlike a lot of brands out there. But the best part about this particular kind of coffee is that it is the trifecta of coffees–it’s fair trade (very important–there was an episode of Frontline not long ago that examined how exploited poor farmers in coffee-growing regions of the world are. Fair trade means that the farmers get a fair price for each kilo of beans), it’s organic, and it’s shade-grown. As the demand for coffee rises (ie, as consumers flock to Starbucks so often there’s one that’s busy on every corner, for example–myself included) oftentimes forested areas in tropical regions are cut down to make more space to grow more beans, destroying the habitats of numerous birds and other wildlife. When beans are shade grown, the foliage is not destroyed, so the birds are happy. Which makes me happy. A cup of coffee that’s tasty, better for farmers, birds and the earth? Hooray!


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