New Blog Finds–Vanilla Garlic

The closer the deadline for my dissertation looms, the harder, it seems, it is to focus. Maybe that’s because so many of the big pieces are done–now it’s just writing the introduction (shudder–it’s what I’m doing right now) and some fast-paced, hardcore editing. So after I write, say, a paragraph, I go in search of something else to do. Today I stumbled on Vanilla Garlic, a hilariously entertaining blog of a cupcake aficionado in Sacramento. This is a fella who made, no joke, BACON cupcakes. Not exactly my cup of tea, but there are some others–the recent Coconut Pineapple Cupcake, for example–that look divine. He gives you step-by-step instructions and tells some hilarious stories, like the one I just read about a pregnant woman hollerating at some nutjob demanding mocha refills at a coffee shop. So if you’re looking to kill a little time, mosey on over. I know I’ll be there for a little while!


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