Caked Out

So this past weekend, Mr. Pea and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. We went up to the Maine coast for a few days (where the sun never showed up once!) but returned to participate in ye olde wedding tradition of eating some of the wedding cake, which had been cryogenically frozen for the past twelve months. Now we had a small wedding, but enough cake for a much larger one, and the top tier that my mom froze for us was, in fact, a 10 or 12″ double-layer cake! Honestly! I popped it into the fridge to thaw over the weekend, and we’ve been eating it ever since. The cake actually held up beautifully, thanks to my mother’s incredible wrap job. It was ensconced in plastic wrap (all over–probably ten feet of the stuff) then foil, and then more plastic wrap. It didn’t have even a trace of freezer burn. Anywhere. And I’d know, since between the two of us, we’ve eaten six slices of this cake. We’ve given some to friends, too. I can’t eat another bite. It was delicious–white/yellow cake with serious buttercream and raspberry filling–but I probably won’t ever fit in my dress again (not that I’ll be wearing it again, but you know what I mean) if this keeps going. 🙂

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