Sure, this end looks fine…

Remember how I told you I have the insatiable urge to cut into bread right after it comes out of the oven? And I said (I think) that someday I’d regret it? Well, lesson learned. Despite the delicious way it smells, give the poor thing five minutes out of the oven. Even if you dropped it a bit on one end getting it out of the pan and giving it a bit of a sag. And you just want to nibble that end a little. Resist! Batter bread, because it’s not needed and made from a batter (duh) rather than a dough, doesn’t have a lot of structure. When you knead bread, it produces gluten. Gluten gives the bread shape and structure. Without needing, the structure is more delicate. Kind of like how a cake can be delicate, and I’ve broken a few of those turning them out too soon to prove it.


Anyway, the bread is delcious, and I can slice it from the good end for tonight’s BLTs. You can find the recipe at the Smitten Kitchen. But this loaf is no longer so pretty to look it.



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