Ahoy, folks!

I recovered my sense of taste yesterday, and while everything still smells like stale cold, I was a little more eager to make dinner last night than previously this week. Though I did cook the night before–grilled steak, sliced thin, with some scary rice (an old box I found in the pantry–don’t ask) and roasted broccoli. Last night marked a return to proper cooking.

Last year, Mr. Pea and I bought one of these, a grill grid to safely grill small things, like cut veggies, that fall through the normal grill grates. I busted it out last night for its 2007 premier, and grilled up some green bell pepper and vidalia onion slices, drizzled with a little olive oil and sprinkled with some grill seasoning. I added four sweet Italian turkey sausages to the grid, and twenty minutes later, we had tender, charred veggies and blistered sausages. We sliced open some sub rolls, added the goodies, and topped with some spicy mustard. It opened my sinuses back up for a little while! I made a quick pasta salad to go with everything. It tasted a lot like summer.


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