Cooking Sources

I like to make a bunch of new things every week, and that means I have to look at a lot of sources to find recipes! Sometimes I make this recipes exactly as written; other times, I just use them for inspiration.

One of my favorite sources is Cook’s Illustrated, a no-frills magazine that is put out by the PBS series (that I adore) America’s Test Kitchen. Free of advertising, each issue is packed with recipes that explain the trial and error process of creating them, lots of product and gadget tips, and other useful info. I love this magazine (photo is from Amazon, incidentally–I didn’t take it).

We also subscribe at the Pea household to Everyday Foods, a product of the Martha Stewart juggernaut. What I like about this magazine is that it focuses on things you can make without a good deal of unusual ingredients–stuff you might easily have on hand–and things that can be made on a weeknight. Good for recipes, good for inspiration.

I am also an avid fan of food blogs. Some of my favorites are listed in the sidebar, which I really ought to update. What I like about food blogs is that you get more than just the recipe–you also get detailed patter. Helpful suggestions about what works and what didn’t, substitutions that can be made, that sort of information is very helpful to the cook on the fly!

I like for the same reason. Not only can I search by ingredient (handy when you only have a few things in the pantry), I can read zillions of reviews that discuss improvements, variations, recipe problems, and so on. I really like that feature, and it’s saved me some hassle in the few years I’ve used it.

I also have a stash of cookbooks, and backissues of Cooking Light, which essentially clutter the cubby in my china chest. I like to read them almost as much as novels, and the sad thing is, I certainly have more time for brief recipe reviews than entire chapters these days 🙂

What do you like to read for cooking tips or inspiration?


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