Welcome to Sweet Pea Cooks. Some of you might know me from my online shop, Sweet Pea Handcrafts. When I began handing out shop postcards with recipes on them, it got me thinking. I read a lot of cooking blogs, and cook at least five days a week. I also love to bake. Why not share my experiments with others who might be looking for tasty recipes? So here we go. I’ll try to update regularly, but since I currently have, um, 1…2…3…4…5 jobs, it might be sparser than I hope! I’m a graduate student full-time (I should be Dr. Sweet Pea by the end of the summer), and I teach history at two different universities, freelance for a textbook company, and then there’s Sweet Pea itself. Golly. Anyway, in the coming months, I’ll be sharing recipes, product reviews, and shop updates. Hope to see you around!


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